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  • An advertiser can choose to create a Targeted Ad Campaign, which will allow them to create 1 ad, which will show on many websites at once.

  • The Run Of Network Ads feature is based on the Pay Per Click model. The advertiser will create their ad, and they will also have the option to target certain websites, based on things like, location, language, category and keywords. They will then need to set the ad budgets, which includes the total amount they want to spend, the maximum Cost Per Click they are willing to spend, and also their daily budget.

  • Once their ad campaign has been created, they will be able to keep track of their campaigns stats by visiting the Live Ad Stats page under the Advertiser Features header in their account.

  • When the advertiser buys an ad, on the order success page, their will be a conversion code, which the advertiser can copy and then paste onto their very own website. (This is optional) They may want to post it onto their very own Order Success page. This means, if someone clicks their ad and then goes onto to buy something on that advertisers website, the conversion code will be activated and the advertiser will know that a sale was made from that ad that they have just purchased.

  • The Browse feature allows potential advertisers to search for publishers websites to advertise on.

  • The advertiser can filter the results by ad type and ad length.

  • The advertiser can also select from different Games console or PC categories from the drop down menu.


The Video Game Industry continues to lead the way in the key 15 - 40 age group

  • According to the NPD Group, U.S. consumers on average purchased nine computer and/or video games during every second of every day in 2008.

  • Nielsen research reveals 31 percent of Europeans 16-49 in primary regions actively game. Nielsen said UK gamers top out the European active-gamer range at age 33, with Spaniards clocking in at the youngest average age of 26. Across Europe, 40 percent of people who play games do so for 6 to 14 hours per week.

  • According to the ESA's 2009 Essential Facts, more than two-thirds of American households play computer and video games.

  • According to a study conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates, more than a third (35 percent) of parents play computer and video games and 93 percent of these parents have children who also play them.

  • European Parliament Report: Total revenues from the video gaming sector amounted to more than 7bn Euros (6.25bn STG) last year (2008), and in the UK, video games outsold music and other video products for the first time, according to separate research.

  • According to the ESA's 2008 Essential Facts, the average game player is 35 years old and has been playing computer and video games for 12 years.

Source: | Nielsen Research


Video Gamers remain the most sought after for advertising campaigns

  • Video Gamers span the lucrative, high-spending, key 15 to 40 age group. The average age of a gamer lies between 25 and 35 depending on the region.

  • Video Gamers are technophiles keen on gadgets, cell/mobile phones, MP3 players, television, flash games, casino games, film and general entertainment.

  • Video Gamers are typically hard to reach outside of their game playing and web browsing.

  • Video Games are typically into social media and social networks such as MySpace, FaceBook and Twitter as well as actively using forums and blogs.
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