Advertisers - Premium Service

Managed Campaigns

Whilst the ability to browse through and select specific websites is a powerful feature of GamesCampaign, we appeciate that you may prefer to let us save you time and organise the campaign on your behalf.
  • You can choose a budget and your ideal targeting criteria and we do the rest
  • You still have the ability to approve the campaign before it starts
  • Using our professional expertise and experience we can taylor the perfect campaign for your requirements, within your prescribed budget
  • Your bespoke campaign's progress can still be tracked in the usual way
  • We create the account, we monitor the results and we report back with further advice
  • You can concentrate on your core business whilst your Games Campaign is in safe hands



You are able to fill out a form asking for the following:
  • Whether you wish to advertise on all Platforms, a selected group of platforms or just a specific platform, such as PS3 websites
  • Desired age range and geographical region
  • Preferred Ad size (250x250px, etc) and format (Pop, Splash, etc)
  • Fixed cost, PPC, PPM or a combination of all
  • Preferred campaign duration
  • Budget minimum and maximum
  • Details of your product or service so that we can select the ideal websites to maximise the impact of your brand exposure


What next?

You just need to fill out the Premium Campaign form and we will get back to you with the perfect campaign.
  • You are sent a Campaign Proposal - a detailed list of the selected websites for your approval
  • We create a special account for you from which to track your campaign
  • You get a personal Game Campaign Account Executive
  • The websites your Ads appear on are monitored regularly for anomalies
  • Your campaign can be added to, amended or extended at any time - allowing for previous committments



  • The Premium Campaign form must be completed in full
  • Budget minimum is $500.00 per campaign
  • There is a $50.00 fixed charge to create the Campaign Proposal. This is refunded opon Campaign creation
  • There is a charge of 10% of budget for the Premium Campaign service
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